Tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp 82,- (chilli / garlic leftover giant shrimp and green asparagus with bread)

Fanø plate (min. 2pers.)

Fanø plate (min. 2pers.) pr.pers. 105,- pr.pers. 105,- (Fanø butcher’s delicacies, Fanø salmon, 2 kinds of cheese bread and butter)

Balkan plate(min. 2 pers.)

Balkan plate(min. 2 pers.) pr.Pers. 95,- [(2x homemade cheese (Satrica and Urnebes), air-dried beef fillet and “sudzuka” 2x homemade rolled dough (Burek and Sirnica), bread and butter)]


Bruschetta 62,- (with air-dried ham and mozzarella)


Bruschetta 48,- (with garlic and fresh tomatoes)