The idea behind our pizzas is based around fresh and good tasting toppings, with a very crisp and delicious dough. we think that a pizza should be able to cover a whole meal. That is why our pizzas are ø32 cm, with the amout of topping being just perfect The pizzas on the menu is […]


Dino 145,- (grilled filet of beef,mushrooms of the day, onionrings, cheddar, rucola og cherry tomatoes )


Henrik 145,- (Fanø butchers specialities:fanøham, fennikelsausage, fanø”brisola” , olives parmesan,salted almonds, rucola og cherry tomatoes )


Henning 145,- (Fanø salmon,fresh soft cheese , garlic and chili, roasted tiger shrimps and asparages)