Steak 255,- (250 + gr. Grilled beef fillet with today’s potatoes, greens and garlic sauce )

Plaice fillets

Plaice fillets 178,- [breaded plaice fillet (2 pieces) with shrimp caviar and fries]

Fried plaice

Fried plaice 255,- (with parsley potatoes and butter sauce)

Stuffed chicken breast

Stuffed chicken breast 205,- (chicken breast stuffed with Serrano ham, spinach and mozzarella, today’s potatoes, green and white cream sauce)

Grill plate

Grill plate 195,- [300 + gr (5 different kinds) grilled meat and ajvar / dip with today’s potatoes, rice and satarash]


Karageorgessnitzel 195,- 195,- (veal stuffed with smoked ham and feta cheese with tartar sauce / dip today’s potatoes, rice and satarash)


Wienersnitzel 195,- (as in Vienna, of calf liqueur with today’s potatoes, peas and optional gravy)

Punjena pljeskavica

Punjena pljeskavica 158,- (homemade minced beef stuffed with bacon, cheese and tomatoes with today’s potatoes and salad)


Cevapcici 138,- (homemade rolls of beef with fries and salad)